Working Vending Machine “Difficulty 🟨 or 4/10

Im glad you liked it :3

@DannyStarf I might make a Vending Machine guide like yours. Is that okay? I’ll be sure to credit you.

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Ok! Just remember to credit me in there! :3

How about making the props in the vending machine disappear as you get them from the vending machine? Make the vending machine run out of stock when all the props are gone and implement a restocking system.

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Vending Machine Build Hack - Art - Gimkit Creative here is a tutorial about the build hack in case if you want to build like mine :3

Yes! I did suggest that in my tutorial, but I was too tired to add them, but it is a good idea! I don’t want to make a tutorial about it because its too basic and the tutorial might be short and that is against the law, but thank you :3


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When I saw the title I got worried that this was going to be something along the lines of this:

This is how to make a working vending machine!
Step 1. Get a Vending Machine from the Devices drawer of your Creative menu!
Step 2. Fill in the settings!
Step 3. There is none! You’re finished! Reply with any questions!!!

(based on a true story)

Nice job! Wire spaghetti lol.


That made me LOL

Honestly, that’s what I was thinking, too. Also, remember that time when everyone made a guide on every device? Just annoying.


…the forum trends are the worst.
IDK if you were here for this but the fruit guides… if you weren’t here be glad.

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What do you mean, fruit guides? Anyways, can you get on padlet? I’m going to make a new one so we don’t have to use the DOD one, which cluttered. Want to catch up.

@VoidFluffy Sent the link, but I don’t have anymore time now.
You’re an admin

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Everyone started making “ultimate guides” to fruits.

Anyways, back on topic (yet again).
Sorry, everyone…

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Holy cow that is one very good looking vending machine

I love the use of the energy bars!

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Glad you liked the tutorial :smiley:

Hello! This was 5 days ago :open_mouth: