Working Vending Machine “Difficulty 🟨 or 4/10

This a tutorial about how to make a working vending machine! (warning) (you might get frustrated with some of the steps)
And you might be wondering, not this vending machine this one is boring -_-

This vending machine :3

But the problem is, it doesnt work .-.
So technically, you’ll need invisible vending machines! And here is how to make a working vending machine that you can see outside!
Step 1: Get invisible vending machines and, set these settings:

You can change the “Grant Item”, “Required Item” and “Required Item Amount” you like! But for a vending machine, cash suits better :3
And also, to make your vending machine Invisible, just click the “…” on the top right corner, click “Appearance” and find this button:

But set only one, and put it here:

Step 2: Make it deactivate itself, add multiple invisible vending machines, and make them activate after a call of action:

You can change it to anything you want, but adding 2-3 items in the vending machine is recommended by me :3
And set a lifecycle, set the lifecycle as “Game Start” and wire the vending machines that will grant you the items. And make sure to wire them to deactivate them at game start :3

Next, wire the first vending machine with the other vending machines. That way, if you purchase the vending machine, the other vending machines will get activated!

And then, when the vending machines get activated, make sure when they get activated, deactivate the cause of the activation :3

Step 3: When chosen between the items, and then the vending machines get purchased, the other choices gets deactivated.

Repeat this process depending of how many choices you have, make a loop.
And next, when those choices are purchased, get any prop, I recommend small props, like leaves. Depending the amount of choices you have for the vending machine, duplicate that prop for the same amount of choices you have.
And then make a loop, by doing these. Make sure to repeat this process, depending on the amount of choices

And then, do this:

With that process, when those vending machines is purchased, they can deactivate themselves :3
Step 4: The numbers of the items in the vending machines, and their activation.
Depending on how much buttons on your vending machines, and the amount of items in your vending machine, do these:
Set the numbers ascended, depending the number of buttons on your vending machine, make sure to make another batch of these, depending of the number of choices of your vending machine (OMG sorry for repeating the same phrase)
Also, to name your vending machines, click the “…” at the top right corner, click “Apperance” and find this button:

You can just copy all of them, if you need :3
And then next, make sure when the choices gets purchased, make sure those numbers, get activated. To avoid taking space for other wires to connect, do this :3

And here, with those wires, this is how it is made:

Step 5: After choosing one of the numbers, the other choices, including the food choices, get deactivated and activates the first vending machine!
Wire the vending machines to eachother. Like when one number choice gets purchased, it deactivates the other ones. You need a prop for the amount of sets of vending machines, like this:

And with the food choices, make sure to activate them, and with the lifecycle, they have to be deactivated at the start of the game.

Food choices one:

Next, with the number choices, wire the leaf to the vending machine number choices, and do this to all of them :3

Once done, connect all of the number vending machines, and do this with the wiring:

But unfortunately, you’ll run out space for your leaves. So you’ll need to take out the wiring for the lifecycle, and get a new leaf.

And those new leaves, will be the ones connected from the lifecycle!

Please make sure the extra leaves is not visible during game start, so this works!
And with the food choices, wire them like this :3

And once done with that! Use the extra leaves to connect the leftover vending machines!
Once done with that, connect those number vending machines with the items in the vending machines like this, it should be one vending machine per item!

Once done! When those items in the vending machine disappears, all of the food choices, and the number choices gets deactivating, and activates the first one! One twist though!
Step 6: Deactivation
You need another lifecycle to deactivate the numbers at the start of the game!

Since I have two sets of the number choices vending machines, I need 2 more lifecycles!
And also with the number choices! Set them all to like, when they are purchased, the player gets the item in the vending machine!

And then, for the amount of number choices you have, you need to get leaves for that :3
And then connect those one by one with the corresponding leaves!

And then, connect the leaf that is connected from the vending machine, and set this wire!

Once done! When all of the number choices gets deactivated, they activate the first vending machine! You can connect one of those vending machines to the first one, and do this wiring!

I tested it out, and then when I click on one food choice, it activates the other numbers of a food choice, in case that happens, do this!

And also, I found a problem, when I purchase the first vending machine, it already activates the other number choices, in case that happens, here is what to do!

  1. You might accidently have wired those, just delete those wires so everything can go right!
    Guys, please point out any mistakes with this tutorial! Because I’m really tired making this, its been 3hrs and 30mins, thank you!

ok ngl this might be the coolest actual art i seen for once
and it’s even useable, so i can give this a 10/10

nice, you use windows 11


nice guide!

Since you didn’t do it, I will!

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Cool guide! Love your art!

Closes in 6969 years XD


So… many… wires…


looking at all of the wires almost gave me a heart attack

POV: When a channel user sees the wires


I’m a channel user and I felt that image


I use wires and channels


Screenshot 2024-07-08 12.06.53

What is this thing?


Energy bar from Item Image’s option


Very nice guide @DannyStarf!


I feel like this is over-complicated with the amount of wires

why not have a vending machine open a popup with two calls to action?

When I see the amount of wires and vending machines, I would say it’s reasonable to say This costs more than 1% memory. Because I saw 12 vending machines (ignore the extra 3), and each costs 125 memory, it is guaranteed to cost more than 1500 memory, which is 1.5%.

If we instead used 1 vending machine, 1 popup, and 2 item granters, we could make this system with a bit more than 0.2% memory.

Let’s assume that we are making a supermarket game. We want the player to shop from at least 6 available markets. If each vending machine was this complicated, and we had 4 or more vending machines in each store, the vending machines alone would take 36% of the memory.

That leaves us with only 64% memory to build the rest of the content.

So my question is: Do we think that more details and extras but not much content is better than focusing on the more important aspects of the game, but with not much detail in the extras?

anyway nice guide!


Yeah, I’m so confused just looking at the wires…

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Its called an energy bar :3

I don’t know how to put those thingies where you select a difficulty level .-. Also thanks guys :3

Also I dont know how to use channels

channels can be as confusing as wires with that amount, but I think you can simplify the wires with enough work on it.

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Yes, I think wires arent that hard