Working lag machine. Difficulty: 1/10

Please use this at your risk and not to troll anybody. Hope this gets patched soon so that’s why I am uploading it in forums.

Step 1. Place a button and copy the following settings.

Step 2. Place a repeater and copy the following settings.

Step 3. Copy the repeaters 10 times or until it wont let you.
Step 4. Place a notification and copy the following settings. (you can change the titles)
Step 5. Copy the notification at least 35 times for extreme lag.
Step 6. Your done!

If you want to try this here’s the example:


Why would we need this…?


I don’t see an example…

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Good question. I have no idea

i just played that game… it broke my ipad :skull:

I found the game on GKC and played it. Works. TRUST ME

Search up Lag machine in creative discove

Why you make it. Please tell me.

its short but it can be used and cant imagine the amount of devices he put in that lag map 0.o

nothing >:3

OFT recruiting!
read bio for more info as I’m avoiding trying to get flagged for advertising


Yummy, heh heh. J0in plz? >:) lofty

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I guess…I don’t really see anyone using this in a map other than @funny 's map…

Yeah, doesn’t use that much devices it only takes up %4 of memory which is shocking.

accepting all requests just say “lofty” and i’ll add u to the roster as to avoid getting offtopic

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giggle giggle giggle . use at your risk!

yeah i did it at my own risk

lofty yuh yuh lofty yuh. I would like to lofty.

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Please don’t advertise

I’m not advertising I’m just giving an example if you want to see how laggy it is.

i cant find it on the creative discovery

if you cant find it just make it