Wires connecting to a nonexistent device?

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What is it connected too

A device that doesn’t even exist.

Um what-
Did you refresh and stuff

? how can you connect wires with a device that doesn’t exist?

That’s the whole point of this topic.

It still shows that.

Well, you need a time where you connect it, so are you connecting it to the invisible space?

I don’t know - all i know is when i placed a trigger down and put some wires, that showed up.

Put some wires where. To open space?

To props and text.

So when you put a wire to a real device, that show up?

No, but when i add it, that wire randomly came up and it’s invisable.

Try deleting the wire
Or deleting where the invisible prop is

I can’t delete the wire.
Note the wire is invisable, not the prop.

If the wire is invisible, then how did you make that screenshot?

It probably just shows up in the wires tab in the device

Yeah, just like what Toronto said, it was visible in the wires tab on the device.

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I just wouldn’t think too hard about it. Just +10 memory, no biggie. Just leave it in the game.