Wire repeater delay number is kinda wierd


Yeah. I can’t make it exactly 0.3 or 0.6. It always does this. Every time. Floats, am I right?I know it’s not a big deal, but I just wanted to make a record.

It’s a floating point error. No biggie. Just keep calm and keep GKCing on.


Email Gimkit would be the best choice for now hello@gimkit.com

I know. It would be really hard to fix. I just want to make a topic that mentions it.

Yea Well I have seen this bug before but never worried about it until now

same thing with transparency you go to 0.7

it goes to like 0.70000000000000000000000001

Not for sure but I saw somewhere that that’s supposed to happen and has something to do with the code. I’ll look into it and tell you if I find out why that’s happening.:+1:

Gimkit is coded on JavaScript, which has float numbers. Floats can represent decimal values up to 7 digits. So basically, that’s supposed to happen. (not for sure though, lol)

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