Wire limit replacement

you could use channels

I’m not really used to more complex devices, how do I use them?

a wire repeater is like something to connect wires.

its often used to wire things to the same thing multiple times, or create wire delay.

A wire repeater is simply a device that keeps a wire pulse (or it can delay it). It’s kind of like a placeholder device.

triggers run actions when receiving on a channel, and have powerful block options.

Make the first call to action broadcast on “Class 1” and the 2nd call to action broadcast on “Class 2”. Make 2 triggers that deal with each class, one receiving on “Class 1”, and the other receiving on “Class 2”.

A channel is exactly like a wire! Say you have a button and an item granter. You need a transmit to send it and a receiver to receive it. Back to the example. You need to find something in the settings with the words “Transmit on.” In this case, “When button pressed, transmit on” and put in a channel name. Then, find another thing with the words “Receiving on” in the other device. In this case, “Grant Item when receiving on.” Then, it just works like a wire.

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So, is it basically a way to have an infinite amount of wires connected to something?

Yep. And channels don’t take up memory.


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The thing is that you can only have 1 channel for each category, so that would make channels less powerful. However, most of the times you switch to channels, you only need one channel option, so basically it only knocks like .1% off of the channel’s overall grade. I ALWAYS use channels because they work with blocks, and wires are just straight up messy. Funny how my desk is messier than my maps.

Yeah, basically. Doesn’t take up memory, either!

Basically, wires are more specific, and channels are more broader and take a bit more skill to use successfully.

Yeah, as like, everyone mentioned. @ElectroLXR Wire repeaters, they’re not complex, they just add more wire availability.

Und The channel thing, that also works!

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Oh yeah, forgot about that

So, was the team game organized for an event on the stage? Because that was a good use of events, team games in stages for competitive games.
May not be relevant, but just curious

no, it was organized for a game that i wanted to make for fun and wanted others to enjoy

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