WIP- Camera Systems

Hello! and welcome to the multiple ways to make a camrea system! (if there is only one it means I am still looking for ways to make a camrea system

1: Zone

First, you want to get these items

Then Connect the Zone to the camrea point

(since you can only connect camera point only once, we will use channels to deactivate the camera point)

Screenshot 2024-06-24 9.24.59 AM
Screenshot 2024-06-24 9.24.43 AM

Then it will now work!

(once you leave the Zone the camera point will deactivate.)

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You should know what mechanics are in the guide before you make the guide.


this is short to say the least

also wips are highly discouraged

and take what getrithekd said above



What’s the next? Buttons?
When you knock something out?
When you tag someone?
When you gain a certain item?

I’m sorry because this is my second community made :frowning:

it’s fine

Just find more ways…
This probably would of been better if it was a wiki.

  1. eiqcrmeliutgwhc what is that raw ↩︎

Don’t post before you know what you are going to write.
It’s just going to be forgotten, even by the time you finish.

Again, this is my second community made guide.

Sorry man, but WIP guides are highly discouraged by the community.
If you’re making a guide that you’ll finish it later on, please put it into a google doc or this notepad website (HIGHLY trusted. I use it a lot.)

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