[ 🛠 WIP]Among Us: Skeld Map[Recreation]

Man- he’s just trying to make his guide, there are only about 5 non devs in the world who can get these screenshots, give him some slack.

Codes are banned because when they weren’t (yes, there was a time when codes were allowed), there was too much advertising spam. Clearly, wolf is not advertising his game, or making spam, and so I see this as an acceptable rule break.

As much as I woudn’t want to post codes here, I need to go to sleep ASAP, and don’t have time to bypass blocking systems stopping me from getting the code from other platforms.


I respectfully, could give less than two goose feathers. I am telling him not to do it. And he will not do it…


I won’t but this is fine I have broken that rule more times than i can count and have not gotten punished. And you know why? its all for helping others or getting help, not advertisement or spam, so lets stop arguing on this so it doesn’t close like my last guide, and thanks again blackhole.

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Yes… but sometimes it is better to look at the reason for why a rule was made, rather than what the rule actually says. As I said above, codes were banned because of the spam they caused with people advertising their game, and so I really don’t care, seeing as what the rule protects has still remained intact.

I don’t have access to any platforms other than the forums at the moment, so there wasn’t really another way to get this done within a timespan of less than a few days any other way. So… sorry, I guess? Idk, I’ve always bent the rules a lot (primarily in the gimkit discord, and on the forums during june) so I’m pretty biased here in this opinion of it being fine haha.

That being said, I’m off to sleep now.


Cya and yep i do the exact same on here, only when needed. Some rules can be bent some times.

Wow, that’s is uterly sad, there was a conversation about this and it still got flagged. This is why jeff has a problem with the forum.

If you see a code, do you go on and read about it, or do you flag it?


We are not going to start this this early and on my guide, @Cellofive don’t even reply on here about this. This is the exact reason why the other one got closed, but if i removed it, and others think it was fine, then leave it. But Jeff will have to go and remove it. End of discussion.

So i’m going to be adding the materials for each room today. So i am making this post a wiki so when i say a room has been updated, it doesn’t make spam post.


Security Room materials added

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I was just looking at the map and I just wanna suggest making the cafeteria flooring different. If it’s an among us recreation I think the flooring should look like the actual one in among us

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Yeah, this. That’s why carrot got flagged many times, despite it being on topic, but only at a very high hard to understand mathematical level.


got it, i will try to recreate that now. plus it will be eaiser to make

I can’t make the tile curved like the real game, but i can sort of make it have the same 2 by 2, then 1 by 1 pattern. That and the colors will be changed

Nice guide!

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I’m tempted to share my among us map design.


and what is that?


what is your among us design?

I like your map but on the medbay when they do the scan, maybe you can use lasers that don’t do damage?