Will the Questioner still work?

Will a questioner still work is I give the kit link and then delete the kit?
Or, can I make a Questioner only show one specific question in the kit?

Wdym I’m feelin confused even tho this seems simple

3.had to use this

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If I delete a kit, but I already have a link saved, would it work?
Or, can I make a Questioner only show a certain question in a kit?

I don’t think so but i’m currently doing 8 things rn so I may not be thinking right

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What do you mean?

The only way to make a Questioner show one specific question is for it to be the only question in the kit.

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Oh that’s what GimSolver meant

What about question 1?

I haven’t tried it. I’m guessing that it will remove the kit link from the Questioner, but who knows? The only way to find out is by testing it.



  1. If you copy the link of a kit, archive and delete the kit first and paste it to a questioner, the questioner will show a deactivated phase and you won’t be able to interact with it.

  2. If you copy the link of a kit, paste it to a questioner and delete the kit, you will still be able to answer from it but if you refresh/start a new game, it won’t work anymore and will show a deactivated phase similar to result 1.

Also, if you can’t tell the difference from result 1 and two, it’s that the questioner gets deleted first in result 1 while in result 2, the kit link gets pasted into the questioner and THEN deleted.

So yeah pretty much in the long run it does not save the kit.

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