Will I get flagged for this?

if I use peoples names from this forum to says thanks on my creative map will I get flagged???

you can thank then in your post not make a sperate post to do so

so if I put ure name (for example) on a my map I would get flagged?

hellooooooooooooooooo is anyone there?

If you put a user’s name in your game you should be totally fine. :slightly_smiling_face: Maybeee… just to respect some peoples’ privacy or choices just ask the user before you put their name in. (It should be fine.)

ehhh probably not but I suggest you don’t take any risks

And you beat me to it yay

ok you guys thanks so much!!!

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No, you won’t. The gimkit publishing TOS says nothing about thanking people being banned. You should be able to thank people as much as you want, and I don’t think there’s a need to ask the person for their permission to be thanked within the game.

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blackhole there is nothing to talk about.do your work before you get in trouble

hello im back and no you defnietly can you are saying that they helped/gave you the idea but its better to ask first its a pretty nice honor in my opinoin

Trouble? I’ll be fine lol. I’m really just doing extracurricular schoolwork right now, so I’ll be fine.

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blackhole there is nothing to talk about.do your work before you get in trouble chad

I only stated that because in this world… there are some people who sometimes feel like people need their permission to use their user/name in a game. (Just to avoid some risks.)

Of course, but this is more in the world of endorsements. People don’t want you saying you endorsed their game and think it’s good when they didn’t. However, thanking people for their help or such is something that you can do without their permission, since there isn’t anything bad that can come from it really.

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your behind in homework @Blackhole927, :(, sorry you have to suffer i did a week ago and im back in the same place again so you should foucous on your work. don’t lose your stuff because its not worth it. good luck and extracurricler is good and its not fine you can’t let things slide forever. (thats maybe how you got to this postion)

Blackhole bro, I love you (not in a weird way more like in a bromance way nvm that also sounds weird but pls do your work


i agree very important (as i continue to hack past my barriers and do everything but the work :D, )

having missing assignments sucks bro i’ve been there :cry:

Ok everyone telling me to do my work is wholesome, but I’ll be fine lol. I’m working on it between messages, and that usually proves to be a pretty efficient method. It’s easy work anyway, but trust me, my academics are in perfectly good shape, otherwise I wouldn’t be here at all haha.

(Taking difficult classes, staying caught up with work, no homework left for today, just stuff I’m forcing myself to do! oh yeah and my grades are fine too)