Wiki/idea-catalog attempt [mark a solution and don't reply]

Put your best barrier art here, I need some ideas

This is kind of off topic, why is it in the help section?

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Idk what should i have put it in? it does not really fit in with any topics

this isn’t really allowed

I just need ideas for some barrier art

topics like these are all wikis

then say so

This isn’t really allowed, though…
unless you make it a wiki

well they can’t and their editing time is 1 day

You can’t really make this, as your editing time is one day

I know.

Should i delete (like the “deleted topic”) thing?

@GimNo0b I’m renaming this and putting it into devices once I do mark a solution

It’s in devices, please mark a solution @GimNo0b.

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bruh, why on earth did this get flagged?
my man @GimNo0b just wanted some ideas :[

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