Why wont my aim cursor show up when I hold a weapon?

Whenever I’m holding a weapon in creative/official game modes, my cursor becomes invisible and I have to tap to shoot, which is physically AND mentally painful. Can anyone help?

Can you please provide a screenshot?

The cursor literally disappears. Only when I click, it responds, so I don’t know which direction I’m shooting in.

Do you use touchscreen?

That seems like a screenshot from a phone. Unless you have a mouse connected to the mobile device, you won’t be able to see the cursor.

I am on a Windows 10. And yet, it still does not work.

Nope. Although, my laptop is touchscreen

If you use the touchscreen to aim, the cursor will disappear.

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Yes, but I am just using my mouse. It almost as if it thinks I’m in tablet mode on my laptop while aiming.

Oh. I don’t know then

Anyways, welcome to the forum!

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its alg. I think I might know anyways.

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Mobile itself is still pretty glitchy though


Sometimes, pressing your keyboard will hide your mouse cursor.