Why isn't this working?,

I have a thing where when a trigger gets triggered, it shows a message in activity feed, yet nothing in the feed is showing at all.

I don’t know what that block does exactly, I just know its not what you think it does. You have to use a notification device.

i cant even see my activity feed lol

activity feed is like when you get a ko, and in the bottom left of your screen it says that they get KOed.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s what the block does for some reason. You’ll have to use a notification device.

ew, no, it needs to look professional.
but that is what the block does, it works for my other maps…

ik what it is. I just can’t see it. my friends can though…

you have to be in full screen to show the activity feed

funny: I’m the only person IN full screen when I play gimkit with my friends

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haha, yeah, I have to be ready if my parents get in… lol (jk)

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