Why isn't my Thumbnail uploading?

Everytime I try an upload a thumbnail to my game it keeps saying upload error. Is there a specific reason for this?

Check your image format. It may not be compatible

Is the file a JPEG, @gim_guy ?
If it’s a JPG it’s the same thing

I did change the image to JPEG but it still doesn’t work.

Maybe too big?

Apparently, it has to be a JPG to JPEG to work.

No, it has to be a JPEG or JPG.

ohhh ok sorry

often it says this when it did get published so make sure to search for you map on discovery

I didn’t publish it yet but I’ll look.

@gim_guy I have had this exact issue! I emailed hello@gimkit and got some really helpful advice

  1. check to make sure you have it screenshoted in a bigger format

Alright. I’ll email them to see what will happen.

was that reply in the drafts for 10 hours

No, I was inactive so I could’nt answer and I never saw it.

Note: For me, it always says upload error, but I’m still able to use my thumbnail, for whatever reason.

Is the thumbnail fit to scale?

I had this problem to are you on a school computer

I emailed them yesterday. Thank you.

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no problem if your luck they will respond ever night!

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