Why isn't my game appearing?

Oh that is sad

why cant i see ur profile pic???

If my game got removed, then wouldn’t my account get suspended as well

is it a glitch or did u find a way to remove it?

That is intentional. Don’t ask


same can’t see @Cellofives pic anymore

okedoky :melting_face:

That means it was deleted @GlM you can email gimkit at hello@gimkit.com to see why it was deleted but we sadly can’t do anything to help you. Sorry.


This exact thing happened to me (as long as your game does not break any of the guideline rules) you have to unpublish it then republish, that is the only way to fix it.

This might just be a glitch. One of my friends game won’t pull up if you search the exact name but It will if you only search one part of it

Isn’t this the solution?


As I said- search engine is broken. That’s why your game isn’t appearing.

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There are so many people saying different things which one to solution

This should solve your problem. This is the solution.

It’s not for my game because I searched up the description and it’s not there still

like I said I had the exact same situation and republishing it should work as it had for me. And no it searches up by name not description.

Also Haiasi’s pic isn’t showing?? The forums are a weird place.
Anyways Back on topic

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but wouldn’t it cost 1000 gimbucks

Yes, but that was the only way I could fix mine and yours seems to have the EXACT same problem.