Why is the trigger sending a pulse to multiple notification devices? I'm confused

So I’m making a Piggy game mode and a made so when triggers are triggered it sends a pulse through channel name and I’ve checked it to make sure it’s not sending a pulse to the wrong notification device. What do I do?

Does it have wires as well?

Is it on the same channel as the notification devices??

A trigger sends a pulse through channels, not wires. Depending on what area they are in they will send a pulse to a different notification device.

I think that maybe it’s glitching with so many channel names, idk.

are there any guides?

well i hae a solution…either go here
and give me c0de and i can take a look…or is this a map you have let ANYONE even friends in?because they could have greifed and or acccedentally messed soemthing up.

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though gtg soon for lunch and might not be back till next monday.

I the had the same problem with my sprint button, you can’t have wires with it

No, nobody else has gotten in the map, I’ll send you the link though.

it could be a result of one thing, sometimes if a trigger is reacting on both a wire pulse and channel and a repeater or wire repeater is involved somehow it will glitch.

Yeah, dang. . . . . . . . .

is something like that in the part thats glitching?

Basically I made a type grid on the terrain, 0,0 and I put a notification device on each point with trigger on each point triggering the device sending a message saying a player is in that point. The notification sends when receiving on a channel, The triggers in each section send a different channel name, but by section, not individually different channels.