Why is the teleporting weird and why can't I fire my blaster

It’s either reloading or the place your in has a zone which disable weapons

im making a endless mde in my game but i cant sh00t after i teleport

Do you have ammo for your blaster?

yes i do have ammo for the blaster

Hmm… that’s strange and can you give more details for the teleporting problem?

i’ve tested it multiple times i even turned it off to take a shower and it still doesnt work

Huh weird maybe try refreshing?

it waits half a secound and when i get teleported i glitch in the walls for a secound

Does it teleport you where you want to be teleported?If so it might just be lag that makes you teleport in the walls for a second.

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Usually you cannot sh00t if there is an object in front of your blaster… Maybe that’s the problem?

when you tp out of a zone the has no blaster fire on it, it’ll still be active

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