Why is my notifications going on my team?

Why is my notifications going on my team when it should be going on the other team.
For example when I get the flag it should notify the other team that I got the flag only
but it notify’s both my team and the other.

Block code

All device's settings

Screenshot 2024-03-28 2.58.50 PM
the wire repeaters settings
Screenshot 2024-03-27 6.53.19 PM
the relays settings
Screenshot 2024-03-27 6.38.31 PM
the Send Notification To Setting

All devices on the map

Screenshot 2024-03-28 2.57.38 PM
All of the devices on the map that I’m working with

Device's in play

I’m making a Capture The Flag game so I hope you guys can help me.

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You could change the notification from everybody to one team only…

right? change it to specific team.

or one of the other settings

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Can anyone help me. Images would help the best (with text too).

does it not work?

Ok. Go to your notification settings. Click all options. Scroll down, change the send notification to the other team.

There is no other team option.

The teams are one and two, right?

No team or specific player option. Just triggering player options and everyone

I’ll make this exact set up and see what’s wrong

personally I would just do the relay to everyone on the other team, and make that notification do 0 seconds seen I think.

yes @Coolcaden26 team 1 and 2

You have made a lot of these help posts.

@gimmaster12345 the other ones had no solution so i marked a random solution to avoid clustter

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Set this to triggering player
It counts everybody relayed to as triggering it. Also, about this:

Don’t do that. It’s easier to find things when everything’s in one topic, and keeping the same question in one topic reduces clutter. Remember, this forum is for you to get help with your mechanics, so asking for help is not clutter, even when help isn’t immediately given.

Ok, i’ll try that to see if it works. Thanks

The unresolved tag is unused. Please remove it. (Try relays.)

@getrithekd and @th3_ca1tsune
I tried using relays and setting the notification to Triggering player and got this

Player Void has the notification but not the other way around. Player VoidLanden is suppose to get the notification because their on the defending team. Player Void is not on the defending so therefore they don’t get the notification.

Block code

This is for the notification device

So, when the flag is taken, it is transmitting on a channel that activates 2 relays, but because of te two relays coming from the same source, it is going to the same team. I don’t know how to fix this…

I’ll try it, thank you

OK now its sending on both teams when I added the 2nd relay and set it to all players on my team

I think you’re overcomplicating this a bit. I’ll teach you a bit in detail about scope and relays in particular first. I assume you know what scope is. It’s whether that wire fires for that particular player. Relays change scope and the channel/wire. So a relay going to team 1 would change the scope so that only all the players on team 1 have the wire firing. The wire repeater team setting does this from a global scope (global is where all players experience it). The same is with the team block.

So try to remake your system with this in mind: you need to change the scope from the player who grabbed the flag to the players on the defending team when somebody picks the flag up. Because relays broadcast to everyone on the team, you need to use the triggering player option in the notification.