Why is my jumping so goofy in gimkit platforming?

I’m jumping too high and buttons don’t work.

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Its an april fools prank


It’s the april fools update :smile:

Don’t worry this will be removed tomorrow

It’s an April Fools thing…it was intentional.
There are some other bugs around other games as well, but not going to give any examples…
that would defeat the purpose…
:wink: It should be fixed tomorrow, so stick around until then…

what the Haiasi’s profile?

noo we dont talk about that

Is there supposed to be a bug in tag?

welcome to the forums @JustJylon_63

There has been a lot of bugs in a handful of gamemodes I believe.

I was trying to speed run getting the weekly xp but then I came across the button not popping up.

most of us have joke profiles for april fools day

hold up @foxy did you change your profile picture or am I thinking of someone else

you’ve thinking of me maybe
new profiles for april fools

yeah they just recently said it wasn’t intentional

April fools. the forum is blowing up bro

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Well, there were bugs to all the 2D game modes. Just got a notification on the website.

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its been like that all day

The gimkit team has acknowledged that, so that’s ok. Now just jump for joy on April Fools!

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They have fixed all of the bugs that were accidental all of them that are left are for april fools