Why is it that, when I edit my posts; they either don't edit or they don't edit until the next day?

its really weird, its happened to me several times now


doesn’t happen 2 me, ever.

happened to me once, as i said in other post, gkc is pretty buggy and glitchy…

@SR-71Blackbird hmmm maybe check if u have an update, reload, or a hard reset?

nope, my chromebook updated last night

I might have to get off at any moment. some dorks are messing around right now

hmmmm hard reset? but i do know that when ur on mobile, it tends to happen more offen, maybe ur chrome book is old?

nope. its pretty new with touchscreen and everything

since chromebooks are not the best devices (no offense if you have one or like it), it may be running slow… compared to windows computers. when I used to use one, gimkit and kahoot were super slow for me, but when I switched it got faster…

no, i don’t think its the computer. because my posts were not always like this

oh, kool, maybe the wifi? is it stable?

run a speed test on your computer like what @Morepeko8 said

idk. right now it says the wifi is really awesome apparently, but it is also school wifi

just search on google speed test, and use the google speed test…

…no offence, but school wifi suxs…maybe try doing dis at ur house?

pls wait while I put this video

oh dang it I have to go

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k cya…?

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ok, me back. I am still in school though, but the result of the internet test was 237 mb or whatever it is