Why is gimkit moving delayed and not moving in synch with the keys?

Gimkit is moving delayed, which is irritating because i play DLD 25% of the time and 75% of the time i play fanmade 1wo games(the origianls, not the ones that don’t say “A game made by Fast Productions”) This bug needs to be fixed or maybe my computer is just being bad for the past 2 days.

i feel you bro ik what its like

I’ve had this issue too. Usually it takes a while, but it fixes itself…

Hey, @AllFather_ofDeath , came back to the forums? I haven’t been online on the padlet for a while because i just never bothered to go back on it.

yea im here but not for long ill be disapearing over the summer on here and on the padlet

okay, ill stay on both, who do you want to take your place(if you leave) from the padlet?

what do you mean? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I believe is called cloud delay

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As in for moderator, @AllFather_ofDeath

Can you get me in padlet :frowning:

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That is not advertising @Kormorant

It is because you are asking someone to mark your post as a solution…

That does not mean advertizing

Okay, I apologize, it isn’t. But still, you shouldn’t tell people to mark your post as a solution. It’s their choice.


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