Why is gim not changing

Don’t know if this is on topic or not,
but I was testing my map by duplicating my tab but it shows very different pfps for each window:

All bugs relating to the GKC are on topic…

As for this…I’ll ask if you have already tried refreshing…?

This happens with almost any online game where you can log onto two sessions of your account at once.

Both the sessions are tied to your account, so the game cannot possibly update them both without overriding data on one of the sessions.

This is either not a bug, or very insignificant as Gimkit was never designed for you to do this.

If you j0in a game with an alt( a second player on your account) it will show the gim equipt at the time of that player j0ining. If you change you skin in game it will not change the gim that is not being played. So you can go to the one gim that is not changing and select the skin you want while on that tab. And it will change it but not the other. Confusing but true. All you need to do is change the skin on that player tab.

But its not a bug.

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