Why is everything going invisible

Hi guys remember last night when I asked how to make a “One Way Out” door. Well it was working for a little bit but now whenever I do one purchase (not the total amount to open it) it just makes everything invisible as if I were to give it the required amount to open the door. Then once I do the whole purchase then it doesnt go away and it will continuously take the item forever.

Try hitting the refresh button.
If it still doesn’t work, I’ll change this to Bugs.
You can also message the mods on this forum about it or email hello@gimkit.com (official gimkit email for employees and devs)

Can you send the channels and devices you have for this? We need that for the debugging process.

Maybe check scope, and make sure channels/wires are connected right?

Okay it works but after I do the entire purchase it still stays there and can take your tickets without doing anything

I suggest you don’t directly email the mods. Instead, email them only at hello@gimkit.com, tell them on discord, or post it on feedback.gimkit.com.

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okay also I got it to work with turning on disable after purchase. :]

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@mub Dont forget to mark a solution!

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