Why did my game get unpublished

I made a game like a few days ago and it got very popular but it got taken down today and I have no idea why.

someone must have reported it for some reason

I’m in class btw, and I wanted to check how many plays I got it was 7k then I got back on like an hour later and it was unpublished!

it got unpublished meaning it broke the rules of publishing and the mods took it down. You can email Gimkit at hello@gimkit.com for further help but this is out of our hands.

Ok I will try that…
I will also try to republish it again…
Also, it was getting many plays and I’m kinda sad now :sob:

ok good luck with your map :raised_hands:

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If you think that your map is unpublished by the Gimkit team and you believe that your map didn’t break the community guidelines, you can send an email to hello@gimkit.com and request an appeal.

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