Why can't I fire weapons in my barrier-background

The background is a barrier but when I collect my weapon, I can move, but the game won’t allow me to fire my weapon.

Soo… ur background is a barrier???
how does that work?

You can change the size of the barrier to make it really big and then you have to go to editing options, and turn on the player collision, so you can walk through the border of the barrier. It’s a lot to explain but if that doesn’t make sense, then I don’t know how else to explain. :frowning_face:

so why in the first place would you make the background a barrier?

Overlay it with a zone and put it towhere you can fire

I already tried it, but it didn’t work.

I wanted to try and make my map’s background look like the new Gimkit mode’s background, Knockback.

I guess that what I tried doing wasn’t possible, so I just ended up deleting the background-barrier.
Thank you to for trying to help me!

use a text box and put a blue box in the text box,

:exploding_head: I’ve never thought of that!


does it work does it work, sorry I had to get over 20 characters

No, you CAN use a barrier as a background. just remember to turn collision off lol


Wait, is the barrier’s collision off? This usually happens with collision on.

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text size can only go so far (pretty small ngl)


Yes, it’s the perfect idea! Thank you so much!

to get over 20 characters without adding text just do this:
add lowercase or uppercase letters ONLY inside these; <>

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Thank you all for the feedback on my map!