Why can´t everyone see a live feedback

It is needed for my chat system which I do not want to do notifications so I make it do live feedback which works but doesnt always show for someone and usually like most preferably the Game host I am in game with so I tried putting everyone gets feedback + game host but then thats just makes 2 messages for me when I tried it as a gamehost So why even in normal gamemodes can some people see live feedbacks?

Is this considered a bug? since even in normal gamemodes not everyone sees the live feedback?

Live feedback chat, that is always finiky. Have you tried doing this but with out game host being included?

There’s 3 options:

It seems a bit obvious as to which one you choose.

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you need a host for a game

you have to be in fullscreen to see activity feed items
and not everyones gonna be in fullscreen for multiple purposes

Well I will make em!!