Why are there so many questions

Ok, so i need help with building an awesome city map but i dont know where i can make a cool wallmart, and a cool Arcade to where when you press start on an arcade machine it teleports you to a mini game, also how do i build a working mall?

I think you should not use that in your game, just only a ripoff version of walmart (like GimMart) to avoid…



for walmart, you could do a bunch of made-up products and add those tag-like things hanging from the walls that tell you what aisle sells what

why a cool walmart how bout game stop or something
or gim stop

that could work, It just seems like so much work to do, lol, i wish i had help…

well luckily you wouldn’t really have to put amiibo bc they don’t ever have any good ones that you’d buy

Here’s an arcade. You can put prizes on the tables and use barrier art or text for each of the screens.