Why are the lasers tweaking

How come when my gim isn’t even touching the laser it still damages me
But when my cup handle, which is part of my gim, it doesn’t damage?

hitboxes maybe?
that happens for Maple too
since it is chunky skin

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This is because of the update that was patched (the thing were even if you left the laser, you could still get damaged.)
There might still be a few milliseconds when your gim hitbox hit the laser even when you left causing you to die.

Same with triggers, if you wire it to run an event when triggered and then leave the trigger, it’ll still run that event.

The gims hitboxes has been adjusted for Don’t Look Down and the new upcoming gamemode, Blast Ball.

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new gamemode blast ball??? please tell me more!

you can like make another post abt it?
but im pretty sure it would be off-topic and might be banned. not sure
still kinda gimkit related
Math Thrive made a new video abt it so u can watch that


Naw my parents doesn’t want me on youtube unless its work

it is not in hitbox so it doesnt hit

whats blast ball? @Haiasi

Please don’t get off topic.
(Should’ve not said that…)

the hotboxes, for every gim its the same, a little box around the gim, but since the cup handle is accessory then it doesn’t have a hotbox, therefore, not hurting you

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Im sorry haiasi…:slightly_frowning_face: I’ll think more before I post…

Yes, I think the hitbox was adjusted for the legs of the gim for DLD.


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