Why are my teams not orienting correctly/receiving messages correctly?

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I have created a cops and robbers game called, Breakout! The goal is for the Gangsters that start in the parking lot to “breakout” the boss, located in a cell inside the police precinct. So the setup for the game is below;

Team 1= Cops
Team 2= Gangsters
Team 3= Boss

I looked up how get one lone player to be set on a different team but, this was for something like Among Us or Zombies, where you typically have two teams, the survivors and the killers. I am dealing with 3 teams technically. Here’s the setup for my teams;

Life cycle (on start)–>relay (Specific Team 1)–>team switcher (Specific Team 1)–>popup
Life cycle (on start)–>relay (Specific Team 2)–>team switcher (Specific Team 1)–>popup
Life cycle (on start)–>relay (Specific Team 3)–>team switcher (Specific Team 1)–>popup

Here’s where I think my problem may be because in the “game options” you can only set “teams” to be split into team 1, 2, 3 and it will just do it’s best to split however many players you have across those 3 teams. But, I don’t want that, I want only one player to be sent to team 3 as “the boss”. So Team 3 is set like this;

Life Cycle (game start)–>relay (All players on specific team Team 3)–>team switcher (random player)–>popup *This sends one random player to another team that being the creation of team 3.

I think the “random player” setting is the problem but how do I get around the fact that Gimkit will try to place more than 1 player on team 3 if I don’t set it to random player?

I think this is also affecting why the pop doesn’t work and why the spawners are not picking up where to spawn certain teams. For example the boss spawns in the cell but the message for the boss won’t pop up. Or, the message for the boss will pop up, but the player will spawn in the parking lot rather than the cell.

Any thoughts on this?

J. Burge

So if I am reading this problem correctly, the teams are spawning people in the wrong spot/and or popups are showing up for the wrong team, right?

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Why is this, if I have all the teams setup correctly? Is it the “random player” setting that I have it set to? How else am I supposed to get around Gimkit wanting to split all the player across the 3 teams?


Well maybe just set it to 2 teams and use a random relay?

I think you need the relay to broadcast to a random player on team 2 (assuming the boss comes from the robbers).

you could just switch (all players) to team 1

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You have the spawn pads set up correctly right? Also, for making someone team 3, just take a random player from team one or two.

Yes, all spawn pads are setup correctly. I have it set to pull some random to team 3 but I think that is where the problem lies once I try to send specific messages to team 1,2,3.

But, then won’t that make no one on team 2 and team 3?

Thank you for all the help! One of my students figured it out. Here is the following code to do this.

Top Row is Team 3 Config as follows;
Life Cycle–>Wire Repeater (1.0sec)–>Relay (Random Player)–>Team Switcher (Specific Player/Team 3)

Bottom Part is for teams to receive specific messages.

Be sure to change your “game options” to 2 teams/split evenly.

The issue was basically, that I didn’t know by setting in the game options 2 teams, you could still circumvent that setting and add on a team 3 via a team switch/random player.


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