Who wants to be in my Game (Need Names)

No seriously, There are gonna be a LOT of names. (I’ll probably just use your name)

I will i guess. js wondering, why are there so many of these requests in the forums recently? Is it just a trend?

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No I just need names for my game. It’s an adventure game with lore.

Again, I’ll just use your tag “Kosm0-o” Unless you want something else.

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My name Is Stealthknight also known as STEALTHK if you like it, but just give credit please.

Names don’t go into credits…
They go into the helpers wall!

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You can use my name. :smiley: ( William )

It’s “The Showdown For Gimtropolis”

Hmm, I would ask what it’s about but I want to wait until later for a surprise.

You can use my name

Can you use my name? (It can also just be Alina.)

Welcome to the forums @AlinaTheWolf remember to read:https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/faq for the rules, hope you enjoy your stay here at the forums.
For me I’m going with THE HACKER for the name thing

you can use my name. I suggest you copy and paste it: ∎∎silent∎∎

You can use my name, “Gabriel (Awake)”, also Stealthknight welcome to the community! I can do it now :smiley:

Also welcome @AlinaTheWolf to the community, and to avoid sounding repetitive, do what THEHACKER120 said…

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Oof no one welcomed you. Welll…welcome to Gimkit’s forum! A place where you can get help on your map and meet some cool peeps. I bet you have many contributions to our community.

Also ill be in your game That_One_Gimkit_Guy.

Can you tell more what your map is about? Otherwise this would just be considered off-topic.

Ty, and I will. Ty THE HACKER.

Np every user deserves a warm welcome

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Can i be in go and be called (P11)