Who needs help?

Please talk to me or the experts. Let’s try and make Gim Kit a better place.

No this is off topic…
read this:https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/faq

@lomov0 please mark a solution

ok ok I get it its ok

I suggest you read the rules of the forum before you make any more mistakes.

Will I get banned if it happens again? I’m really confused I just wanna help the community.

most likely just suspended for a short while, which is why we are trying to help you understand the rules. But you seem to be a ban speedrunner, so if you want to be banned, just ask to be. Don’t cause unwanted chaos.

No, I don’t want to be banned.

you can help by replying to post asking for help if you can help, help them if you can’t wait for one of the smarter people to take care of it thats how you can help make it a better place

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then I would advise to read the FAQ, TOS, privacy and any other forum rule page just so you don’t cause that chaos.

i am doing a cafe gimkit how do i make it when you push the button by the ordering counter it will change the order every time

like you push the button and it says burger with fries how do you make it so that it will change the nexked time

can you make this on a new post

i am new i dont know how to sorry

yeah I can probably start a new topic

is it possible to remove post?

you can use a popup for that, but to make a post just go to Topics, click make topic, and write your question and post it.

GO to the main page, top right there will be create a new topic, just create it and tell us what you need.
BTW welcome to the forums, check, forum-tips

no its not once someone replied

No, only a TL4 or mod can do that. So as of right now, no.

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