Who is Vesper? Do you guys know

Hey guys! I just beat Snowy survival and I want to know who Vesper is?

This is off topic, please mark a solution. Vesper is a mysterious figure in Snowy Survival who suffered from memory loss and might have created the cursed. He is also theorized to be the player in One Way Out.
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Vesper is like the main protagonist i guess in the gimkit lore. I honestly don’t know a lot of the lore, but you can search it up on gimkit fandom.

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Wait, there is a guy named Vesper who has lore?!

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…yes. But this is GKC forum.

Yeah. You can find info in gimkit fandom

Alright. Time to nerd out.

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If you want more lore go play tag they have a secret if you get a key and go to the black filing cabneit theres secret code i dont think anyone has transcripted it yet

vesper is someone in gimkit lore who is uh… we don’t know much about vesper except that they communicate with the crafter via cross-dimensional letters/telegram-things

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