Which Question System should I use. -POLL-

Thank you for taking the time to answer the poll.

It would be helpful to give your reasons why. Just don’t argue about them.

  • A movement based question system answer question to move around
  • An interaction based system where you answer questions to do actions
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You would run out of energy decently fast, and one can spam questions and then sppeedrun the whole thing

Not as competive, but it does remove the question spam potential


Honestly, it depends on what you’re going for. The questions still get reinforced either way, but there’s going to be more of a divide in a group between those who do or don’t grind all of their movement items early on so they never need to do it again.


It kind like you need to complete 1 question to gain research and what not.

I voted interaction system because interaction systems are better for the format of creative. What I mean by that is in a game like DLD, you can answer questions for energy, making you move, and the movement part is interesting (jumping). But, with creative, we can’t make people move in fun ways. I think it would make your game a little bit boring. You could also combine the two and do both!


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