Which game should I release first? You get to decide! Let's reach 50 votes pls!

I have four games I am currently making, and I want to know which game you want me to release first. I haven’t finished any of them, so it will take a bit more time. I just want to know what game you would like most. Btw if you’re wondering why I am able to release multiple games at once, I have 2 other people helping me edit these maps. It helps save time. Anyways, please vote for what you want me to release next!

  1. The heist game will have you pulling epic heists depending on which heist you want to do.
  2. The Dungeon crawler game will have multiple difficulties with 2-3 levels for each difficulty.
  3. The death run will have you going through obstacles all the while earning items that will help you to complete the death run.
  4. The labyrinth will have you trying to escape a maze that moves! Find weapons to help you defend yourself against enemies to escape the maze!
    Take your pick!
  • A big cash heist game
  • A dungeon crawler game
  • A death run
  • A labyrinth game
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Release whatever you are closest to finishing/feel the most confident in!


I could, but I want the community to decide, so they I know they will play it a lot. I like it when people like and appreciate my games, so when they don’t play something after I worked so long on that thing, it will make me feel like that work was for nothing. that’s why I mad this vote.


Sorry, is this off topic?

Let’s get back on-topic now.


Alright then. I was just describing my thought process when I published GK8.

Is it off-topic if I ask what that is?

Btw way if you can vote that would be nice. I am hoping for this to get at least 50 votes by wednesday. That’s when I’m closing both of my voting polls. My other one is for my game, Prison Break.

GK8 is Mario Kart for Gimkit. Enter the discord server and search it up to check it out!


It’s also published in Discovery now.

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cool! I’ll check it out! Now let’s get back on topic, if we aren’t already.

Btw This vote has 2 days left. Vote now while you still can.

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I’m trying to get 50 votes, so please vote! Your vote will be very much appreciated!

I just closed my other vote so I can focus on this one, so please vote!

if you have 4 games, that means you either have gimkit pro or seson pass, if you have seson pass just publish all

yeah, but not all of them are finished. I’m simply asking the community which one they want me to finish first.

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Todays almost over! Come on! Vote more! I need at least 30 by the end of the day!

Vote now! Like I said, I want 30 by the end of the day

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