Which Fnaf Game Should I Make?

Should I make Fnaf 3, 4 or, 5?
I already made Fnaf 2, and everyone does Fnaf 1.

  1. It’s next on the list after all. But lets get everyone’s opinions.
Which FNAF?
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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ok but springtrap has the most complicated ai :confused:

4 is my personal fav, but 3 would be next in line!

I have no idea what the versions are, never played it…sorry…

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it is possible tho it just needs lots of checkers, barrier and wires

fnaf 4 needs sound but is still possible any ideas?

We know that firing a weapon makes sound, so maybe you could use that? Like have a enemy off screen shoot with a certain channel?

What if I do night terrors from help wanted instead?

i think fnaf 4 would be easier
never played 3 or 5

yeah same
maybe even the first two

for the freddy mask and jumpscare you can use a true/false property if the player has the mask on
or it can disable the animatronic’s repeater which makes it move if it’s in your office
for the hallway flashlight use flashing barriers
for the puppet music box just use a repeater and connect it to the puppet’s prop the jumpscare you

puppet easiest imo

Honestly 3 and 4 would probably be the easiest…like 1 is a challenge…2 is worse with all the animatronics you have to code to appear and disappear to office…

I did fnaf 2 already brooo

Also btw when I was making the map, properties were broken, Like really broken so I just using items, triggers, and tons of checkers