Where do I go to post codes if I need help

I know I cant do it on here but where can I do it?

go to the wix:

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The wix discord or a padlet

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the wix is blocked for me
so how do I do a Padlet?


@coolcrew7 what is the name of your padlet account, I can let you on here, I’m an admin there


@Cellofive Do you mind approving me too?

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@harharharhar83 I need your padlet username
Ok @harharharhar83 (sorry for all the pings) you’re approved

<i don’t know>
20 charecters

Do you have a padlet account?


The Official Gimkit Discord server is also an option. Just j0in the server, and find the “j0in-my-game” channel

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@coolcrew7 Registration Form You can also go here, then you will find code posting threads. I just started this forum recently so it is pretty small.

Could I be added (my user name is DDerryberry) yes the same as my forum username

I went on to it but it is blocked for me :rage:

The wix and padlet:

what is a Padlet and how do I do it cause the other 2 are blocked

Padlet is a place for interaction, learning, and fun.
While some padlet’s have passwords and some don’t, request access for the ones with passwords.
You won’t find a lot of people online today due to being Sunday.

so how do I get on one?