Where can I find the running template?

I’m trying to create a custom Gim and I want to make the animation for it running. Where can I find the template for a Gim running?

you can use this

I need a GimKit gim template - Help - Gimkit Creative

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its animated though
Gimkit Blog
(the actual one)

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Lol we both did the same thing :rofl:

Not that one. I mean the one where it shows the 10 diff positions of its legs.

@gim_guy @Mandalin_Soldier15

Like this?


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that’s the gif I was trying to find
(wrong reply)


No. I mean where it shows the art for the Gim in each stage of its legs moving. Can u help me find that? Plz!

I can’t find anything that has it

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You mean like a spread sheet like this?
Showing all the frames?

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Yes. I mean the spreadsheet for a basic Gim with the position of the legs to the back.

I Found one for chomps


Okay. Can u find one for a blank skin? I think it’s on the fandom, but I can’t get on there.

Can’t find anything…

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Okay. I’ll try to access the fandom tonight, but if I can’t, I’ll try something else. Since several people helped me, I’m gonna credit everyone who helped here for the solution:

  • gim_guy
  • Unit_72
  • Car189
  • Mandalin_Soldier15

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