When you go through a teleporter, how do you make a person lose all but specific items

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  1. a player goes through a teleporter
  2. have the game check all items
  3. keep the ones that are specified
  4. deletes all other stuff

I’m keeping an uncommon blaster and all medium shards the player has.

Maybe inventory manager deletes all items, and when you step through the other teleporter zones and granters grant you the items
Edit: as for the shards a player has I’m not experienced with properties

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probably not, cuz an alt is impersonating, and its not funny


you could use a respawn system, and then a granter afterwards. (Use checkpoints!)

I see some problems.

  1. What’s the point for the teleporter?
  2. What’s used to activate it?
    This is meant for Taiga
  1. The point of the teleporter is to get players to the next part
  2. I’m using a hidden button in front of a prop, to make it look like you are interacting with the prop.

That could work for the blaster, but I need the same amount of medium shards the player had before respawning.

The granter does that.

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you could always have player drop all when di)d then grant those when trigerd

and a checkpoint!!!1

Doesn’t the granter need blocks to grant the shards the player had? For detection?

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don’t thinks so?!?!?!?!?!?

The easy part is keeping the items you want. You don’t need to even check for those items. What you need to check for are the items you don’t want. The build would go like this: teleporter (teleported here) → checker (Check for item 1. If found, broadcast on a channel that grants -99999 of the item.) → checker (this does the same thing, but for a different item. It should check no matter what outcome the first checker gets) → checker → checker → ad infinitum, or until you run out of items you want to clear.

Might seem a little repetitive, and it takes more memory.

I mean the SAME amount the player had before, which can very.

Might be, but I am bad at programing

Screenshot 2024-05-20 07.19.12

But what if the player has this:

you will need to give the SAME amount as before

What about my method? You keep the items you need, and only get rid of the specified ones that you aren’t allowed to keep.

How about:

You have a IIM(Inventory Item Manager) track medium shards and update a property. Then when you go through the teleporter, you can:

  • Remove all items
  • Grant Blaster
  • Use blocks to grant (shards property) amount of medium shards

It’s simple really.