When will platforming come to creative?

I am planning on buying the season ticket, does anybody know when platforming will come to creative? I REALLY want to make my own DLD.

No one knows pls mark a solution

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for people who bought season ticket, they will get it shortly before other people who didn’t.
it was said to release for everybody sometime during 2024.

Screenshot 2024-03-10 1.50.35 PM


how many times are we going to be repeating this?


I responded on thingy and did you really have to do that?


Josh said that he and jakub got sick and so it was delayed. They initially wanted to get it out for the release of season 3 ticket, and seemed confident that they could do that, so assuming they were sick for maybe 2 weeks we could assume 2 weeks to be a reasonable time for this. This isn’t confirmed though, just a prediction.


I currently dont have access to thingy.
In no way was i trying to harrass you or anything, i was just annoyed that alot of people were using your art when it seemed ai generated. I can take it down if you want, but i wanted to bring awareness to it.
(also, there was alot of obvoius ai mistakes that caught my eye.)



i posted that before i contacted you on padlet.
i can get on thingy in a few days.

I hate waiting and I think so does everyone!!! :frowning:

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