When is the platformer for creative supossed to come out?

Idk if that would be off topic but when is it supposed to come out

I honestly don’t know, lol. Jeff hasn’t said anything, maybe later this school year?

well it is off topic i assume that it will come out mid year



Amazing answer :relieved:


There is no due date, but josh did say that they will be starting it on january, so its under the works i think it will come out next season.


i thought i saw somethin where it said somewhere in march tho i must be thinking of somethin else

the next season starts on march 6th, so maybe then?

maybe so idk

We got blast ball around the beginning of this season, so most likely.

yeah i would say around mid season it should come out, i just hope that they still launch a new game that season not just the platformer.

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Once they add the plat former thing, I’m probably gonna make Cuphead :smiley:

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No one knows - not even Josh & Jeff knows when it’s coming out.

Although please refrain from making these kinds of posts since they are not allowed in the forum.

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Wow! If the new season is on March 6th…

Looks like we having ourselves a great update soon for us gimkit creative developers.


i wanna get the season ticket but i dont have enough money + it ends soon sadly mabye ill ask my parents idk its only 5$