When is gimkit gonna remove the "New!" tag from the discovery?

It has been there since Season 2 now, it’s not really new anymore.

I posted it in Devices because i don’t really need help building a game in Help.

Ask Josh maybe on Discord or gimkit.nolt.io

Please just @ them at their old post of collab instead of coming in here just to remind them.

Probably hasn’t been at the top of their priorities.

Probably trying to fix the buggy camera device…

My ADHD kicks in when I see and I sit for 5 minutes trying to figure out why it’s still there Lmao.

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Discord: Blocked
Gimkit nolt: Every time i try to make a suggestion, 1 second later it goes away
Contacting: I can’t contact outside of my district


yeah, same for me.

Nobody knows, but I’m sure they’ll get around to it eventually. Maybe shoot them an email at hello@gimkit.com to remind them if it really bothers you.

Yes, but they’re on a school acc.

you don’t have to everything on your school Chromebook.
just use a phone or a laptop