When is 2d coming out!

cause im planing to have a Only up with checkpoints for my friends!


What do you mean 2d? Are you refuring to the Don’t Look Down style mode? If so there is no exact date, all we know is josh wants to make it but not any time soon.

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Yeah is it in the game yet?

The Don’t Look Down mode is out, but the style of mode is not in creative yet, so you can play it, but you can not make your own. Just go to kits and click host live, then you will see it. If that makes sense.


2d is the style GKC uses.

Please stay on topic.

They mean the DLD style version.

Use quotes, please. This will help reduce clutter and makes you only reply once

I want this ;-; Please josh make this


the DLD gamemode is out but is not in gimkit creative @meeper but there will be an update soon now let get back on topic and let the topic close. the off topic tag will risk the creator of this topic getting flagged now that i notice but back to getting on topic.


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