When ever you put the visiblity to 0.70 it does this this thing

I can’t realy discribe it, but heres a photo.

Hope you can fix it

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Thats been going on for a while, all you have to do is just remove all the zeros or just put in a different transparency.

If that doesn’t work then just go one above or one below 0.70. Hope this helps!

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Oh, thank you ima try that right now

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As @C-C said, 0.70 would work. But when that happens, just make sure the alpha is set to 0.10 to 1.00. Nothing with 2 or more zeros.


It’s a floating point error, which doesn’t change things. Computers are bad at division, and this is what happens because of that.


That’s happened to me before…hope it works!

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@getrithekd, I wish I could like that post, because it’s funny, but I can’t do it yet.
That’s really true and funny.
Back on topic—me. :slight_smile:

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