Whats with the size change for zones

When loging into a new creative map in gimkit,i saw that there is NO “change size” button.This is pretty annoying in my opinion.like @Finn said"why is there no change size for zone"fr though.

Gimkit Plz FIX this Thx

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Don’t forget to mark a solution if it works @Kdawg2713!


What device are you looking at?

If just zones, then its in the settings menu, in the bottom lefthand corner.

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That could be the problem, there’s a bug that selects the device you didn’t actually select and is infamous on mobile but can happen sometimes on PC.


nope look

Hmmm, let me check something.
Also, why is your zone 200 memory?
Isn’t it supposed to be 300?


idk i never pay attention to that cuz im like a noob with gimkit creative :melting_face:

The button should be there.

Try changing your device (like irl, not in creative)


im going cracra rn

its still saying that
are you harry potter bc i dont have that

Where’s the white barrier around your zone? Did you change a setting that caused that? If not, did you try refreshing?

Did you click on the Gim Icon on the zone?


yupper thats all ive been doing

It’s like a setting in the map options to show the appearance of zones.


idk i think not but who knows

Well, I don’t know what the problem could be.
You could use triggers as an alternative replacement as they can be triggered by collision and can run actions based on that event.

Oh, and Pseudo-Zones


you sound like my ela teacher plus this is a fresh new map

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Let’s not get off-topic.
You should probably just use triggers or laser beams that deal 0 damage in the meantime, try checking back tommorow to see if it works.


ok ill see tomorrow if it works

Does it still not work?

Ik this is off-topic, but I am a big time noob too. @Kdawg2713 your not the only one!