What's up with the new sign?

Here, it says “New1” what does that mean?

Typo probably by the staff
It should say “New!”

I think that’s a mistake. They’ll probably fix it

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I just reported that…

How do you report(for the future)?

Yeah, that’s a typo :joy:

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Report it into the Bugs category

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or email gimkit
they just forgot to use the shift button though

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Typo… kinda sad for the devs, 2 users already posted this…

A few things for you

  1. People already told them it was a typo.
  2. This topic is a week old so we don’t need to post on it.
  3. The original poster is banned.

that’s highly likely, I do that all the time.

Is this considered necroposting knowing that the shop is closed now…?

Its my birthday today! YAY!

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Yeah, i think so.

Happy Birthday, Johan!

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2 other people have posted this…

happy birthday :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Happy Late Birthday! :partying_face:

Like what @greenbean7 and @JohanGim said, these posts should be closed because other users have posted on this, and the shop is closed as well.

The OP has been banned, so there is nothing we can do here to close this post.

There is no need to flag this post currently, but if it becomes a chat, then there is a reason to flag.