Whats a vending machine

i want to make a map

Vending machine is like the thing in CTF that gives you speed.
You use it to sell players stuff.


thanks for helping the 7th dragon

Maybe try reading this for learn more!

Vending machines can be used to sell things, or transmit on a channel, or just look cool. They function as bigger, buggier, more customizable buttons.

that really helped but i still dont get it

What specific part do you not get?

the selling part of the vending mach

There are specific settings for that: what you’re selling, the amount you’re selling, what you’re buying, and how much you’re buying. You can configurate each of those to your desire.


well im done here thanks for all your help

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Can you access Gimkit right now?

No problem! We’re all happy to help!

yes i can why do you ask

No problem! We are all here to help out!

I suggest just playing around with devices. Just change one or two settings at a time if you can’t alredy tell what they are going to do from the description, and look at the forums documentation if you have any other questions. The forums has done really good notes on devices!

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Too bad the documentation only has about half the devices.

Going offline!

well do you mean the device vending machine or the custom prop? because here is the custom prop that i made of a vending machine. nvm i saw that you meant device, my bad.
Screenshot 2023-08-31 12.11.16 PM

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