What thing should i make?

I am super close to becoming a regular and i want to celebrate by adding a map to my super smash gims game. I want one that shows how much i love gimkit, but is also original.

Some ideas:
Gimkit art museum
Gimkit Minigames

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Add a snow background to represent snowbrawl, one of the most OG maps

Add a one-way-out sidequest.


How do you know you’ll get regular?

Read this post: how to get tl3 GimNo0b has accomplished all of these and now is waiting for his 50th day visiting the forums

Oh, that means I might get regular soon!

Uh, you still have 31 days left of visiting everyday

For me soon is within a year, so 31 days isn’t bad.

I like the ideas but i want something big, not only will i be celebrating becoming a regular it will also be a reward for 400 plays

Since you said the map is Super Smash, I’d assume it’s platformer. I say make a mountain where you climb to the top, and are greeted with a museum looking area with sentries. At the top, there should be text saying something like “Thanks for 400 plays!” or something. If I had to give it a name, I’d call it “Celebration Mountain”. It’s a lot to take in, I know. Congrats on 400 plays btw!

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Thank you that is amazing idea but it is a fighting game @TheBKing ,do you have any ideas i could incorporate fighting?

Recreate Big Tower Tiny Square as a map

Maybe make a good weapon at the top, and you can only reach the top of the museum if you defeat all sentries on the floor, so some try k1lling sentries, others fight on the mountain, some attack people attacking sentries.

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Add a map that has at least 1 part that mimics the real game modes.