What The heck happened in Dig It Up?!?!

The game freaked out.:slight_smile:

Love that shade of green…

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Uhh what.

Since your on mobile, I think, it’s probably buggy.

But it’s brand new, so it’s probably just some bugs.


I’m not on mobile. It just is there.


I am on mobile, But I have a iPad with a keyboard, So its like a computer

lol sorry you had to go through that

Oh, ok.

Yeah, it’s probably just a bug because dig it up just released.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Now, It’s stuck here.

same lol

i went once this morning and didn’t try again

The host randomly gets stuck in the loading screen.
You just gotta wait for a while.

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just because you have a keyboard attached to your ipad doesn’t mean it’s a computer (i have one too and learned that the hard way when i tried to play some computer game)

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The tiles didn’t render for some reason lmao, that’s funny


mine glitched to and it just froze and i could not move my mouse. i think it does this because it is new

I know! It takes so long

it is being SO ANNOYING. mine just took me back to the homescreen when I started it… Sighs

I went down a long tunnel and teleported inside the bottom of the map

I’m just gonna say it


we know its hilarious!!!

What happened and it can’t be mobile since I’m on mobile

I went into the season ticket menu, went back, and it happened

i on PC and laptop