What should the center do in my map?

(o7 to my very first map, I deleted it to make room) So I’m trying to make a PvP game where the center is vital to winning, and all I have rn is some stone pillars and a questioner, what should I add?

Maybe you could add a collectable gimberry?

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Maybe add stone pavement (dry grass) to represent lava under rocks? Or the spaceship catwalk grills for a different ambiance to the area?

I already have a collectible item, a cyan seed that gives you increased speed when held but can be traded in for a really strong weapon, but when you don’t have it, your speed is halved

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No but maybe to end the game, you need to enter a gimberry somewhere but it is in the center?

Like the one sorta in fishtopia? Using the image device that would be cool to collect :person_shrugging:

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Another thing is adding a bunch of the infected props surrounding the area for an overgrown-type feeling.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe, since you helped, want anything in my map? (Helpers get one thing made in my map to show that they helped with the map) (Same for @Fresh, do you want anything in my map?)

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Could you build a shop area that has medkits and shields, and call it Fresh’s Freshmart?

Ok, will do that (it will probs go in the forest area, if you want it somewhere else just tell me and I will move it)

Add an Easter egg that gives you certain power ups that you can choose, one for me, one for coffee, and fresh, also you could have the name system thingy? Also a dog adoption center that lets you buy (in-game currency) dog food (med kit, etc)

Will do (The powers will be added along with the development of the game, I already know what mine would be, 2X speed)

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This is more important…

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ok, that will be the top priority for your thing added

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Mark a solution! Thank you so much. Also, include our name in the credits.

You could add something where in the rest of the map there is one other seed that’’s not the cyan seed, and you can redeem it for one random power-up. There are four buttons, all of them are unlocked when you redeem the seed, and they are all randomly hooked up to a damage multiplier and speed multiplier. But you don’t know what you are going to get.

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probably do what you want. always here to help. :smile:

Make it have a cool lookout tower maybe, so it gives you the high ground! (even though there isn’t in top down…)