What should my next project be?

I need help on getting a new project. I don’t want a beginner project though, like kind of a project that’s in the middle of advanced and beginner.


(the tasks are kind of complicated imo)

I literally just finished my among us map

AmogSus 2.0

You could browse in the ideas tag to see people’s ideas

Shoot snowman game is easy

I did, nothing caught my eye

I don’t want a easy game though

Maybe a dungeon crawler?

What’s that?

I think they’ll say it’s too hard because of the settings.

A game @Wumpus made

A boss battle against the enemy target

I don’t wanna get copyrighted then, would it be possible to make a Pet Sim game from Roblox?

places down a sentry (ai enemy), turns their health to 3000, gives them most op weapon, boom


Only if we had walking sentries…

And if we could customize them (my English teacher slapping my head because I started a sentence with and)



but how could be customize them, with evil plants? Although you can only have preset (set by Gimkit) ones, and you can’t put your own.

Sorry, thought you meant that we could customize them

My English teacher isn’t actually here, her pet peeve is people not doing English right. Now that you mention the evil plants, maybe I could make a PKMN Sun & Moon game where you have to beat the game with only rowlet :slight_smile: